Editing, Proofreading

Need some help with your writing? You are ready to submit that file for publication and you want someone to make sure you have followed the style guide you were told to follow. Maybe you need someone to make sure that the citations are in the proper form. You have put together a family history and now want someone to edit it.

You want this document to be accepted for publication. This is a record of your work that is to be a valuable contribution to your field, but English is not your first language and you want your message to be communicated clearly.

You have finally completed that novel that you have been writing in your spare time over the past ten years and now want another set of eyes to check for consistency in the story line and characterization. You need someone to see if you've made any blunders and to punctuate the dialog correctly.

What I can do for you

  • Help you to clarify your thinking and communicate better
    • Determine your audience
    • Provide focus
    • Ensure consistency in presentation by conforming to specified styles such as APA and CMA
  • Work with you to format your document
    • For theses, ensuring that the document meets the university's standards for submission
    • For novels, preparing the work for presentation as an e-book
    • For self-published works, suggesting how your work can be presented


Betty Ann is the best copyeditor I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I am happy to recommend her to my clients and to employ her to copyedit my own writing.
Ellen Larson, Novelist

I do not write anything of importance without having Betty Ann look over and copy-edit it. She is thorough; she is prompt; and she spurs you on to reveal your best literary self. Clarity is her middle name.
Betty Ann is a writer's best friend. She makes you look better than you are encouraging you to express yourself in a clear and succinct way. You always want her on and at your side when you enter into a battle of ideas and want to communicate your thoughts in the most lucid and convincing manner. She has been on my side for over 15 years, and I am a better communicator because of her.
Selwyn R. Cudjoe, Professor, Africana Studies Department, Wellesley College, biographer

Betty Ann Tyson edited my technical writing for 18 years. We worked together on complex, long documents with multiple reviewers and challenging evolving technical specifications over several months and usually at least three full reviews from engineering and marketing. I was one of a team of about 8 writers--all of whom Betty Ann edited. She was tasked with keeping our documents consistent and polished across multiple platforms, writing talents, and engineering teams.
I judge all editors by the standards that Betty Ann sets, and she consistently is at the top of the list. Betty Ann is thorough with keen but appropriate attention to detail. Her queries are always useful, sufficient and on target--not too many, never too few. She maintained and shaped the style, voice, and formatting standards for all her writers. And I cannot remember Betty Ann ever missing a deadline. She is an excellent professional, and an outstanding editor. I recommend her work without reservation.
JDH, Ph.D.

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