Genealogy Research

Need some help in getting those documents that are not available online? Some records can only be found where your ancestors lived, where they married, had their children, and died.

Today so many records can be found at the click of a mouse, but getting access often requires a subscription. Even if you sign up for these sites you have to be adept at navigating them.

Often working with another person can help you break through that brick wall. You may discover new sites to explore and new paths to follow as you explore your family history.

What I can do for you

  • Visit archives, libraries, churches, cemeteries that you cannot get to
    • New England holds many of the oldest records for our country.
    • Many families have ancestors who came to New England.
    • Getting information on your family may require someone searching for information available in old newspapers, in cemeteries, in naturalization records.
  • Provide copies of documents that you have never seen, photographs of family homes and of grave sites.


Thank you for all your hard work. I'm looking forward to seeing those papers that you copied. It is also refreshing to work with someone who notices details like that fact that the address listed on Julius' naturalization is the same as the address listed for Pauline's birth!! Most people that I have worked with don't have that attention to detail!

Once more, many, many thanks for your kindness . . . and speed!
Sylvia from Uruguay

Now I'll just sit on the edge of my chair until I hear from you again. :) You are terrific! Thanks so much for the speedy and successful work!

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